Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association Dollars for Scholars® (CCAA Dollars for Scholars)


Who Are We?

A community non-profit organization with the primary purpose of raising scholarship monies for the graduating high school seniors and recent graduates of the Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, D.C. Since 1987, tens of thousands of dollars have been awarded to deserving and talented students.  We have been a proud and active member of Scholarship America/Dollars for Scholars since the mid 1990's.

How Do Members Participate?

The majority of our members are graduates of Coolidge High School, although we also have corporate and private memberships available.  We hold an annual Scholarship and Awards breakfast to recognize our alumni who have been successful in community service and in their chosen professions, and to raise money for our scholarships.  In 2021, we awarded $9,000 in scholarships.  Over 300 alumni and friends participated in this event.

Who Do We Help?

Seniors at Coolidge are invited to apply for scholarships in the spring, with competition based on academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular activities and an essay.  We are very proud of the students who have been accepted by many institutions of higher learning and received their degrees, partially with our financial assistance. 

What Are Our Current Activities?

In addition to aour annual scholarships, we are now involved in a student exchange program with the Dominican Republic.  This year we had several students from Coolidge visit the Dominican Republic and in return several of their students will be visiting Coolidge on an educational exchange.

Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association Dollars for Scholars
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